How is Technology Affecting Your Customers?

By Erin Schroeder, Copywriter and Researcher

Rewind to nearly a decade ago when Apple first introduced the iPod and then consider where we are today in 2010: a week into the software giant’s launch of the new iPad. Pretty amazing where technology has taken us, isn’t it?

As we consider how far technology continues to progress and all of the gadgets we rely on to function in our everyday lives, it’s just as important to remember how these advances have affected our customers.

Take, for example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent study showing that by the first half of 2009, nearly 22.7% of U.S. homes had given up their landlines, relying solely on wireless services for telephone communications.

Is this something you knew about your customer base?

The fact that the conversion to all-wireless is happening at such a rapid pace has a huge effect on how we will stay connected with the people who buy our products and services. What if one of your best customers drops his landline and you suddenly have no way to reach him? Or what if you rely on phone surveys to research a new offering, but are only capturing a limited portion of users – those who still have landlines – instead of considering a more all-inclusive method such as a text messaging campaign?

It’s a simple reminder that we need to understand our customers’ changing habits – technology included – to stay a step ahead.

So whether it’s something as quick as capturing a cell phone number in a lead generation form to researching exactly which media channels your customers are tuned in to these days, take the time to understand technology’s growing impact on your customers’ habits. It will be well worth the effort!


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