Video’s Captivating Effect on Consumers

Posted by Erin Schroeder, Copywriter & Researcher

If YouTube has become one of your favorite sites or top sources for daily entertainment, you’re not alone. Celebrating its fifth anniversary in May, this online sensation recently announced that it gets more than 2 billion views per day.

Considering this number has doubled since just last October, it’s pretty remarkable to see the kind of effect YouTube – and video in general – is having on consumers. While people are tuning in for everything from silly animal clips to the latest concert footage, as a recent MarketingProfs article reports, many are relying on video for something much more important. They’re using it to make purchasing decisions.

The article explains what makes video-based customer testimonials so influential and why this format works so well on Web sites. It’s definitely worth reading, but for those of you who prefer your information in smaller bits, here are the main points:

Benefits of Customer Testimonial Videos
Credible – Consumers don’t want to feel targeted by ads that are obviously trying to sell them something. In most cases, they’d rather see a real person telling a real story based on a real experience.
Findable – With the explosion of traffic on the Web these days, buyers are looking for anything and everything online. These types of videos give your products and services extra ammunition. Properly naming files so they’re easy to find by search engines is important as is organizing all the media within your site to maximize visitor usability.
Actionable – Once you’ve grabbed your customers’ attention and efficiently communicated the story (remember, the shorter the message, the better), make it easy for them to take action by including links to learn more or initiate contact.

Seeing this trend develop over the last few years is just one of the many reasons our company, Willems Marketing, launched its own Video and Multimedia division in March. In just two months, it’s already become one of our busiest business segments and is an indication of things to come.


2 responses to “Video’s Captivating Effect on Consumers

  1. Hah am I actually the first reply to this awesome read!?


  2. Thanks for getting the word out about the power of video marketing and You Tube. The potential for video to help you share your story is so worth jumping into video.


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