Thinking Outside the Browser Window

Posted by Dave Willems, President & CEO

As the owner of a marketing agency, I’ve definitely seen my share of resumes – good and bad.

I’m no stranger to the fancy tactics applicants use in trying to get their mini autobiographies to leapfrog straight to the top of the pile or the lengths they go to in crafting a cover letter that stands out from the pack.

Perhaps that’s why I found this article from mental_floss magazine on CNN’s Web site particularly interesting.

In a job market that’s been pretty flat for the past few years, any new opening can yield dozens – if not hundreds – of inquiries. With such fierce competition, candidates are pulling out all the stops to get themselves noticed.

The five job hopefuls featured in this article didn’t just try to get a little creative. They went above and beyond the definition of “thinking outside the box” and showed that, thanks to the constantly evolving world of Web and social media, the methods for self promotion are limitless.

So if you’re looking for your next gig or ready to chase that dream job you’ve always envisioned, I suggest you read these stories for some inspiration. You never know where a little creativity and resourcefulness could lead.

(And don’t forget to promote your “intangibles” – the “extra” characteristics that help you stand out!)


2 responses to “Thinking Outside the Browser Window

  1. Very interesting article! My favorite is #1: $6 is a small price to pay for such a large impact – that’s the most creative I’ve seen.


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