Facebook Does Some Remodeling … Again


Posted by Erin Schroeder, Copywriter & Online Specialist

For those of us who’ve had a Facebook account for a while, it’s not all that shocking when we log on and find a change of scenery. It doesn’t usually take too long to navigate the new surroundings, but that could all go out the window with the latest round of changes. As more people convert to the Timeline format, we wanted to give businesses a quick overview of what this remodel means:

Visual aids – Say hello to a larger than life cover photo that spans nearly the entire width of your wall and photos/videos that appear much bigger (and are less likely to get lost in news feeds) when you post. The tiled photos are gone and Facebook has added specific rules about keeping cover photos visual which could disqualify your custom-crafted wall image – no offers, requests to “like,” contact info or other calls to action can appear within them. Profile photos are now 180 x 180 pixels, which could work well for displaying your logo.
More content control (mostly) – Have some big news you want to highlight? Timeline allows you to stretch posts across your wall to grab extra attention and keep content at the top of your page for up to a week. With the Milestones feature, you can include a running tab of important company events. So what’s the “mostly” about? Re-read those cover photo requirements above.
Less design control (sort of) – If you’re still shaking your head at the cover photo restrictions, you’ll probably be less than thrilled to hear about the limitations in organizing apps. While you can feature up to 12, the position of “Photos” can’t be moved and you can only have three other apps display within your page’s prime real estate. Don’t be overly disappointed, though. Many businesses are finding ways to get creative as they experiment with shifting/renaming items.
Time to mingle – Said to be available to the masses soon, Facebook Offers is now in limited release. Once it hits, be prepared for more exposure – fans will see your offers direct through their news feeds. Ads are getting a facelift, too, with a Reach Generator feature that will broaden the target audience.

There’s a lot going on with Facebook right now, but many of these changes spell new opportunities for businesses. Check out this article by Social Media Examiner for even more details on how to make the most of Facebook’s latest remodel.



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