Be Tweet-tastic!

Posted by Nathan Litt, Project & Social Media Specialist

As with all social media channels out there, Twitter doesn’t come with a handy, all-purpose guide for business strategy. There are no set answers to questions like, “Is my company tweeting enough?” or “What should we be tweeting about anyway?”

Instead, you learn as you go and gauge your success by your community’s reaction. If you find that people are re-tweeting your stuff or joining the conversation, you’re definitely on the right track. Notice that you’re losing followers by the droves after tweeting the same kind of content over and over again? There’s no better sign that it’s time to revamp your strategy.

Here are a few tips that all businesses can use to get the most out of Twitter.

•  Get personal – People will associate your profile image with your brand, so use one that fits best. A headshot provides a human element while an oversized, cut-off logo does not. Put some thought into your bio, too, as this is a chance to show what your company does and infuse some personality. Need more room to explain? Consider directing visitors to a personalized landing page instead of your home page. Adding photos to your tweets is another nice touch.

• Follow and be followed – If you want to build your base of followers, you need to first understand what interests your audience. Pay attention to what people mark as “favorites,” topics that are trending and tweets that get the crowd talking. Follow your customers and un-follow those who’ve stopped tweeting all together.

•  Get focused – It can be hard to concentrate on what matters most when you have hundreds of tweets flying at you from all directions. Learn about the beauty of lists – segment your followers into groups and create private conversations so you can stay focused on the content you want to discuss or share.

For more helpful pointers on business tweeting tactics, check out this article by Social Media Examiner.

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