Social Media Case Study: Honda


Posted by Jennifer Heckner, Project Specialist

Imagine being put in charge of developing the creative strategy for a new in-car vacuum. Not the most glamorous topic to be assigned, is it?

That didn’t stop the marketing pros at Honda. In fact, they rolled out one of the most clever, comical campaigns of 2013, and used some pretty original tactics in the process.

While the team definitely gets points for its humorous video spots featuring dropped cookies and dust-covered candies, it’s the social piece that really earned the win.

Honda kicked off its Odyssey vacuum launch with a series of tweets directed at the perceived crumb culprits of the minivan world. It took aim at all kinds of big brands from Oreo and DORITOS® to Skittles and Orville Redenbacher’s.

Here’s just one favorite example of how Honda incorporated some witty copy and hashtags (all with its full product name in 140 characters or less!).

“I will #HaveAbreak. To devour your crumbs on the floor @KITKAT. – The Honda Odyssey Touring Elite with Built-in HondaVAC.”

And just as soon as the tweets started flying from Honda, many of the brands targeted got in on the laughs and tweeted their own wisecracks right back.

“@Honda The popcorn-devouring HondaVAC is in for a treat when it discovers and eats up lost Orville pieces!”

The result? A campaign gone viral! Honda Odyssey and its new in-car vacuum scored a whole lot of mentions and suddenly became big news in the Twitter-verse.

This is a great example of an effort that was both fun and effective … one that successfully executed a carefully planned approach with a little spontaneous marketing mixed right in.

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