Get Clever with Testimonials


Posted by Erin Schroeder, Copywriter & Online Specialist

As marketers, we should never underestimate the power of a really good testimonial.

Yes, we can find all kinds of creative ways to promote our products and services (that’s part of our job, right?), but oftentimes, it’s the actual user perspective that a potential buyer is interested in hearing.

So once we collect those little gems of feedback from our customers, what’s the best way to use them? Here are just a few ideas to ponder:

Web – Add a full testimonial page to your website and keep updating it as you get new quotes. Incorporate these snippets into a rotation on your home page or arrange them within sidebars on high-traffic pages.

Video – Launching a new product video? Include testimonials as still frames or weave them into your demo. If you have a customer full of great things to say, record a longer Q&A clip to use as a standalone or within another piece.

Direct Mail – A strong testimonial can serve as an interesting way to start a letter or end it as a P.S. to the reader. Place shorter quotes within an order card or response form … organize a series of them on an insert or fact sheet.

Packaging – Depending on what your product is and how much space you have, a compelling testimonial could be printed right on the packaging or within an accompanying welcome card.

Social Posts – With so many people plugged in socially these days, consider posting a recent customer endorsement to Facebook or tweeting a link to your dedicated testimonial page.

Your prospects are itching to know what kind of experience others have had with your brand so go ahead and tell them by showcasing your very best testimonials.

Customer quotes are an effective means of advertising and they’re easy to incorporate into your existing marketing efforts. It’s a win-win!

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