From A Pint-Size Perspective


Posted by Erin Schroeder, Copywriter & Online Specialist

Every time I scan my mounting batch of to-read e-newsletters, it seems the ones labeled “Top 10 Tips” or similar always get opened first.

That was the case this week – and thankfully so – as I stumbled upon some really good stuff in another advice-filled article from Social Media Examiner.

When talking about social coverage of events in real-time for Tip #4, Charlie Kautz of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf had this to say: “Approach it like a kid at an amusement park.”

The global marketing and corporate communications pro went on to explain that assessing the situation around you from a beginner’s perspective has the ability to take audiences “somewhere they wouldn’t otherwise go.” Yep. He also mentioned that we shouldn’t just automatically assume what might be interesting to others. True.

It’s a pretty simple tip, but one that’s also pretty smart.

Think about it. Whether an event, new product launch or really any kind of marketing effort for that matter, it’s easy to follow our standard processes, get stuck in a “same old” pattern or do things the way they’ve always been done before.

But how cool is it when we’re able to break outside the box and look at things from a totally different angle? Or communicate them from an unexpected viewpoint? As Kautz says, “Let your five senses guide you.”

So the next time you’re tasked with a new project, try to remember this little tip and imagine how your 5-year-old self would experience it.

See something that has the potential for some major oohs and aahs? Capture it. Hear something that sums up all the excitement? Quote it.

Things can look a whole lot different when seen through a child’s eyes.

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