Making Pictures Part of the Social Story


Posted by Jennifer Heckner, Project Coordinator

Do you remember those very first trips to the library as a kid and how the selection process usually came down to finding the books with the best (and most colorful) pictures?

It makes perfect sense since we tend to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

And while the words and chapters and plotlines and characters become increasingly important to us over time, there is always a place for the pictures.

This is especially true in marketing today as we shift toward digital communications and embrace content marketing and company storytelling. It’s also becoming very clear in the social media realm as we see visual-based sites like Pinterest and Instagram moving to the forefront.

But many businesses wonder how to incorporate visuals as part of the social sharing process.

With a strategy, most any company can do it. The biggest tip: be resourceful. Start with the social channels you already use and re-assess your standard visuals. Are your profile and cover images a good representation of your business or could you replace them with better, more expressive images?

From there, think of how you can work some visuals into your everyday posting strategy. Consider these ideas as a starting point:

  • Behind the scenes – What is an ordinary day like at the office or on the floor? Give followers a look at the happenings they might not otherwise see or experience.
  • Creative uses of product – Are your products multi-purpose? Show them in action! Find creative ways they’ve been used or applied and capture them.
  • Customer successes – People love to see how products and services have addressed a specific challenge. Happy customers are one way to illustrate this.
  • Before and after – Do your business solutions result in a significant change from before to after? Let readers see the difference.
  • Team shots – A great way to showcase your team, post photos that include staff interactions. People always like to put a name with a face.
  • Fun moments – Host a fun event or activity that was filled with smiles and laughter? Share the positive energy.

Need some more inspiration? Check out the social sites you’re connected to and see what kind of visuals other businesses are putting out there. Take some notes and develop your own plan.

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