A Consistent Call to Action


Posted by Brenda Timm, Vice President – Strategic Communication & Online Services

Consider your website for a moment. Are there calls to action throughout or are they limited to the links within navigation that direct right to the contact page?

Here’s the thing: every page of your site should be seen as an opportunity for visitors to connect.

By opportunity to connect, that doesn’t necessarily mean putting a giant blinking “CONTACT US” button on every page with the sole objective of acquiring immediate new sales.

Sure, some on-the-spot orders would be great, but that’s not always the reality. Our websites are often the first tool people use to kick off the information gathering process or learn more about a specific product or service. Visitors regularly land on our sites in investigation mode and aren’t quite ready to open up their wallets.

To build in more calls to action and encourage users to engage, the consistent placement of your main contact number is a great staring point. This allows people a way to interact from any page and also provides an alternative to abandoning your site should they hit a snag.

Here are a few more subtle ways to work in additional calls to action:

  • Include links to helpful content and related resources within your own site
  • Add supplemental materials that can be easily accessed like case studies and work samples
  • Incorporate quick forms requiring minimal info and encourage visitors to ask questions
  • Set up email links to key staff on team or bio pages
  • Offer useful content by download

A good call to action doesn’t always translate to an instant sale … oftentimes it’s simply meant to encourage your visitors to dig deeper into your site and facilitate that initial connection.

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